About page has been updated for any newcomers. I don’t tend to update this blog much because I write for so many different sites, and this blog doesn’t really serve any particular purpose besides act as an archive for a lot of embarrassing “LiveJournal-esque” misadventures and contradicting opinions that I don’t even remember having.


Beatnik Fascism

beatnik_fascism_book_cover (1)

I have a new poetry book out, “Beatnik Fascism.” It’s available in paperback and ebook format. I immersed myself into a ton of Beat culture while writing it. The book is filled with thought crime of course, since many of the poems deal with futurism, racial identity politics and various other bizarre taboos. BF is not for squares, cubes or rectangular prisms of any times. Otherwise, go ahead and buy it here .  It’s also available on Amazon and everywhere else.

New Forms


I’ve been working on a new book of poetry and some songs. I left the corporate world and spend almost all my spare time writing now. Getting older and declining health leads one to a sense of urgency and an assessment of priorities. “It’s hell to get old” is what my grandma used to say. I don’t update this blog much anymore, but of course I have a lot of other blogs that I do update and write for, some of which are unknown and others that are infamous. I’ve written probably 50 essays in the past year or two. Edgy left wing/right wing politics and philosophy takes a toll. Sometimes I miss the days of just writing about nonsense in here the way I did for so many years, just useless amusing tidbits about weird interactions with girls at the mall and nights out on the town. Last year I attempted to put together a book from such old writings and after compiling about 130 pages of material, I decided it just wasn’t interesting to me at all. You go back through these pieces and realize you’re just not the same person anymore. As you evolve into new forms the old thoughts seem obsolete. Combine those that have stood the test of time in your mind with the best of you’re made of now, and maybe you’ve got something worthwhile.

I don’t really care about being loved or hated. I’ve broken free of that part of myself that constrained my thoughts(ever so mildly!) to conform to some norm of neutered respectability.

Also I was a guest on the “Wednesday Morning Surf Report” podcast a while back. Enjoy.

Force Field Deflections


New song released: “Force Field Deflections”

Artistic dance music for your next futuristic cocktail party. This track was inspired by music from the dystopian films of the 1970′s(such as Andre Previn’s “Executive Party,” featured in the original Rollerball) “Force Field Deflections” is a theme song for futurists. Imagine this as though it’s being played during the slow motion chase scene through the Love Shop in Logan’s Run.