I just spoke with the owner of and told him to come join the forums so he could discuss his program and answer questions. At first i was skeptical, but it appears they do pay. I haven’t started using them yet. Basically they pay between $1-3 for popups and popunders, but they accept all sites, even mp3, emu etc, so it could be a useful answer for some of us exiled webmasters,

unscrupley snooply

I’ve been receiving unsolicited email from Snooply, which must have gotten my information from GV. The message starts out
“We’d like to partner with your organization”. Then if you reply it turns out they mean sign up for their affiliate program basically.

 I just recognized it was Kaumil Patel that’s how i obviously knew.


Cam Girls Gone Wild… Looks like Webpig from InternetGossip is putting together a little side project to complement his popular tabloid site. I bet the parents of these girls would be thrilled to know the type of subculture their daughters have gotten involved in. Nevertheless, this is genius, ( as far as tacky things like this go). There’s a P.O. box somewhere in Orange County just begging to be filled up with cash from this methinks.