Ricky and the fake Chelle

It’s no secret that females can’t usually be trusted, but typically you can counter their manipulation by remaining distant and not allowing yourself to get too wet brain over them. Well, that’s not what happened to Ricky. He met a girl who he considered to be a “good friend” whom he trusted for a whole year until he discovered he’d been deceived. Here’s the story of Ricky and the fake chelle:

Okay.. so about 1 year ago I met this girl in AOL chats. We talked for a bit, finally she got a picture. She sent me them. Guess who it was.. yep.. a pic of Chelle.. but I had no clue that it was fake. Looked so real. I’d ask her for a pic of her waking up, and she’d send me one.. I had no reason to think it was fake. So about 1 year passes, and we get extremely close. I called her EVERY morning before school.. we talked for hours..everything. I had plans to go to Ohio to meet her *I live in DC area*.. and have fun with her. I actually liked her, a lot, she rocked..

So a little time passes by, about 10months or so .. *few months ago*.. and I’m looking at a Faker’s website.. and I see a picture of Cierrah.. the girl who was using Chelle’s pic’s for a year.. and I’m stunned. I’m thinking..holy shit, this can’t me. Cierrah has to be the real one.. I look into it more, and I finally find out she’s fake. I looked everywhere for the real one.. so finally by chance I asked a good friend, Jenn, (facethejury.com: LatinaFlava) if she knew the real one, since she’s good with fakers.. and she goes.. “Yeah! http://web.archive.org/web/20021013023230/http://chellecam.com/“… so here I am now. Finally found the real Chelle.

Crazy as it sounds.. but it’s so weird now. I met a girl, got so close to her, unbelieveablely close to her for 1 year..then found out she’s fake. Broke me up inside.. heh. Anyways, Chelle if you read this.. just thought you should know..and I’d like to get to know the REAL Chelle.. so hopefully we’ll talk a little bit. Thats my story.. *sighs*

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Just say later to Gator

It’s no secret that everyone hates popup ads, (unless your the one making money off them). I used to run an mp3 site that had an exit console, but i was getting $15 cpm. I have a bunch of other sites i run popupads on also, but never on a site that i actually care about (unless it was getting 30000 hits a day in which case i couldn’t resist cause i’m a right wing capitalist guahahah).

A group of publishers this week sued the Gator online advertising network in a bid to bar the company from serving pop-up ads on their Web sites without their permission.

Gator develops software that manages passwords and fills out forms for about 10 million Web surfers, who often download the application unwittingly through other popular file-sharing programs. Also bundled in Gator’s software is a program called OfferCompanion, which monitors Web surfing behavior and delivers targeted pop-up ads to viewers. For example, a Web surfer may see an advertisement for Ford Motor–delivered by Gator–while visiting Toyota.com.

This is a lot like kazaa’s famous “yellow links”. Basically, if you download the program it lauches a hidden application that show’s gator’s ads on websites instead of the ones the webmaster intended. Real classy. It must be great fun to have to explain to visitors who email you complaining that your site now has popups, when it doesn’t. Maybe we here at onlinedailynews should create a program that places a link to our site on Nay’s page replacing one of her fake links to porn.

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Mysterious car in camgirl’s driveway

The mildly attractive yet philistine cam girl Cici (p1nk.net) discovered that an unknown vehicle was parked in her driveway today leading her mother to contact the authorities.

kewl! I’m away because there’s a random car parked in my driveway and my mom is calling the police. how awesome (not). ;D ;D ;D byeeeeeeeee

At this point it is unclear whether or not it is just a dangerous perv or merely someone who’s fed up with the outrageously difficult task of finding a parking spot in California without getting a ticket. If that’s the case I can’t say I blame him. I once got my car towed in West Hollywood and had to pay over $800 in frivelous parking tickets (not having my wheels turned the right way etc) to get it released. I actually had to sell the damn car to a random korean guy just to get enough money to get it out of the towing yard and still have enough for a month’s rent and a chicken burrito from “Poquito Mas”.

Anyway, Cici is alright and whoever parked in her driveway should probably be locked up at least temporarily. I conducted a brief interview with Cici to get learn a few more details.

cici gets naked: well, it’s like silver-blue colored sedan
cici gets naked: and at about 6, my mom told me there was a car parked outside, and she wondered if it belonged to any of my friends.. which it didn’t (i didn’t even have to call to ask)..
cici gets naked: it has no liscense plate
brandon adamson: did you think it might be some creepy guy stalking you
cici gets naked: yeah that was my first insentive… but soon i was wondering if someone had like, a dead body in the trunk and decided to park it in my driveway… or it could just be a stray car they decided to get rid of @ my house.
brandon adamson: like a stolen car?
cici gets naked: i dunno who would steal it, it’s a crap car
brandon adamson: what did the police do?
cici gets naked: nothing yet.
brandon adamson: well has anything strange happened in the last few days like pervy guys calling you
cici gets naked: no.. sometimes we get like, hangups, but i’m not gonna assume that means anything.. cause everyone gets those
brandon adamson: i don’t get them
cici gets naked: okay, well, I’m just not going to say that mine are a “special case”.
brandon adamson: well what about an exboyfriend? who are your enemies?
cici gets naked: i don’t have enemies!!
cici gets naked: I have no clue who the fuck it is.
cici gets naked: well, unless they find a body or drugs or some shit in the car, I’ll just assume it’s from some random person that thought he could park his old dump in our driveway.
brandon adamson: so you haven’t looked in it
cici gets naked: the windows are tinted, but i don’t want to go outside and look in the car… what kind of idiot would do that
brandon adamson: you must have some. you’ve got the personality of someone with a lot of enemies
cici gets naked: this might surprise you – I’m a nice girl offline.
brandon adamson: now that would be a good story

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Chelle’s wishlist woes

Yeah, I know we just did an article on Chelle’s, haircut a few days ago, but it appears now she may not receive the gifts some pervy guys bought for her due to no fault of her own.

I got rid of my felicite wishlist. I can’t believe them. Their site fucked up and let someone into my account now they freeze my account and try to tell me they’re investigating on who’s the real owner of the account??? I started it under the email address I use to contact them, and they still have the nerve to say that? I’m pissed ­čśí . I just told them to ship out my gifts (because they haven’t yet, they always take like 5 years to do it) to the original address and I’d be done with ’em. No more of that :/.

Well I can imagine what kind of priceless items must have been on her felicite wishlist, actually no i can’t since I’m pretty out of touch living in my own SNES RPG fantasy world and all. Probably just some revealing summer dresses made of cheap material and assorted lemon scented hypoallergenic lotions and creams. Anyhow, Chelle really need any wishlist at this point. She should be moving on to bigger and better things like chrono trigger, non-union commercial acting, and hanging out with misogynists.

Update: Felicite responds, with Chelle being denied the gifts the pervs bought her.
Felicite, you motherfuckers.


So it looks like after 4 months of having this wishlist they ‘decide’ to close down my account and ever other webmasters account. They bank off of overcharging the buyer for shipping, you all are fucking scammers, and why do we get the gifts like months later? Shit, with what you charge we should be getting next day service. I’m very sorry to anyone who has purchased me something, if you were one of those people please email felicite and demand them to either refund you or ship the gift out to me.

I for one never knew chelle was capable of that sort of machismo. I’m confident she’ll get the gifts, as thank god she should.

Anyhow, apparently the same thing happened to Nay but she posted it in such a vile manner that it’s not suitable to be examined here by those of us trying to remain pure.

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Zoop’s run

Emulation Camp was founded by Zoop as Master System Camp on March 27,
1997. That’s over 5 years that
emucamp has been online running an emulation news site. They’re nearly as old as old as zophar. Outlasting many of its long forgotten rivals like emusphere and emux (who lost their domains as victims of the eFront icq log scandal), it now appears that the site’s 5 year run has finally come to an end. Emucamp once boasted a plethora of news staffers and personalities, many of whom have long departed the dwindling emulation scene. The site in its final form appears to have been turned over to someone named “metafox”. Who had this to say about the site’s current state:

Seems people only visit EmuCamp for the news – which, I admit, there isn’t much of nowadays – there are only 2 active staff members right now.
The forum has always been desolate – even in EmuCamp’s heyday.


and now this:

I’m afraid I have to leave EmuCamp for a while. I hate to do it, as I’ve stated many times that I love it and won’t let it die, but I have no choice.

I just got back from CA, and moved back into my home where I’ve been living for 23 years. Despite that I pay the $350 gas and electric bill, the $30 phone bill, and pay $130 a month rent, I was told by my mom that I have 2 weeks to get out.

I left for California to find a job, and couldn’t since I don’t have a degree, so I came back to get a semi-decent job and finish college. I’ve only been back for a few weeks, so I don’t have a job yet. So, I have to find an apartment, pay the requisite 1st months rent and deposit, all without any money and no job.

I’m selling everything I own and moving out as we speak. So, I won’t have a home to access the internet, when I get an apartment, I won’t be able to afford the internet connection, and I can’t afford the gas to travel back and forth to the library as I did before.

Sorry to bore you with details you most likely did not care to know, but I had to get it off my chest.

Good bye For Now,

Knowing how often cam girls and webmasters shut down their sites(or go on “hiatus”), any non-corporate site that manages to last more than 5 YEARS deserves some recognition.

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How about into the ‘now?

Glovebox Joe from fully clothed teensapparently has fallen victim to cynicism, and his animosity has gotten the better of him. In a recent post he lashed out at internet culture, sympathetic to those who long for the pre-AIM, pre-idiot, pre-internet, internet days.

Wherever we are now on the “internet shit timeline” that an angry ex-BBS user has probably created, it’s only going to get worse. When websites that offer nothing but mind-garglingly stupid buddy icons and away messages can get thousands of hits a day and create their own communities, it’s time to realize that this will be getting worse before it gets better. Worse yet, people will rememeber this, the age of Internet Gossip and advertisements, as their BBS age. They’ll remember Webpig coming all over his shirt, instead of the time that gs343 posted a bunch of beastiality pictures to a newsgroup for new mothers.

To be honest, I am starting to get a little nostalgic for some of the classic wit of camgirls like Charisma and the mostly forgotten “lipgloss assassin” from antigirl.nu. I certainly know what Glovebox Joe means when he talks about these days being remembered as great to some. I sure do look back fondly on the era in which I pretended to be <a href="http://web.archive.org/web/20021013023230/http://members.netscapeonline.co.uk/ryanswhiskey/brandis.htm"Jonathan Brandis to various random camgirls on AIM and a few less important broads I was trying to hook up with on makeoutclub.

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Chelle’s new haircut makes three

The ginger cam girlChellehas a new hairstyle:
the front and back layers are exactly what i wanted. She thinned my hair out in the backtoo so it doesn’t weigh me down (long hair+summertime=hell!!) My sister and I promised to promote the hell outta her, so if you live in Maryland and need the best cut ever go to KYLIE in BETHESDA, MD @ the 33 WEST SALON!!!!

Well, personally I think Chelle looks fabulous. That particular photo however gives off the unique appearance of a sort of “Asian Olsen twin” phenomenon, doesn’t it?I’m actually a little embarrased that I know who the Olsen twins are. Really, to my generation they are just the little “girl” from “Full House”, that conjures up memories of the era when the market was saturated with the likes of Bob Saget and such long forgotten shows as “Get a Life” and “Herman’s Head”.

Anyhow I shouldn’t know who the Olsen twins are, but I do because I would watch “Zoog” disney all day on my friend’s couch in hollywood entranced in the nostalgia of “Growing Pains” and “Boy Meets World” reruns, while enduring the merciless bombardment of advertising for Mary Kate and Ashley’s endless disney specials.

Back to Chelle’s haircut, it honestly looks exactly the same. I can’t really tell much difference. Why is Chelle’s haircut news? Well, whenever i read the newspaper there’s a little something in there about Rachel Leigh Cook or Nay or whoever’s latest new style so its only natural that we would periodically carry that kind of crap being a tabloid and all. Not to mention when you link to a cam girl with something that’s somewhat derogatory about her, there’s a slight chance she’ll send you some traffic, provided you maintained a delicate balance and didn’t offend her enough so that she won’t link your site just to spite you.

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Internet Radio is Dead?

Well, I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. Personally I never much cared for “internet radio” since I generally prefer video game midis to traditional music.

The U.S. Copyright Office decided Thursday to charge webcasters 70 cents per song heard by 1,000 listeners, or half of what a government panel had proposed in February.

Traditional radio broadcasters have been exempt from paying the royalties for each song played — the standard that is now being applied to webcasters. Broadcasters successfully argued before lawmakers that they already were promoting the music.

After the recording industry failed to impose new royalties on traditional broadcasters, the industry turned to webcasters and got what it wanted with a 1998 law

Personally I don’t blame the internet radio stations for not wanting to pay for the crap that passes for music these days. I’ll stick with my Billy Joel cd and let them figure out how to save their corporate ebroadcasting which caters mostly to hicks and commie youth.

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Rumors of a popular cam girl’s death

It’s no secret that cam girls occasionally take a hiatus. However, I’m not so sure that’s the case with Teresa from oish.com Apparently she hasn’t updated or appeared on the site in over 3 weeks and the rumors are starting to fly among her loyal patrons


Me too….i feel so sad for her family and friends.

You better be wrong.Her family would never allow the webpage to still be up.

Paul from N.Y.:
Maybe she got AIDS and killed herself,you never know it could happen.

Unless her family isn’t very website and/or computer literate.

One would think that if rumors on your website began to circulate that you were dead, you might want to show up and disprove their validity. Anyhow, Teresa is extremely friendly and homeschooled, therefore very intelligent compared to most cam girls. We here at onlinedailynews hope that she is all right and just busy enjoying the real world that the rest of us have left behind and will hopefully come to her senses and return to her site safely.

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Gamefaqs legend Pupitre launches internet newsletter

Well respected gamefaqs congregator, pupitre, is is now offering a new bimonthly news letter “gamecola.” Pupitre is best known for his hard hitting video game reviews and sarcastic wit. Email here

That’s right, kiddies. Yours truly has embarked on a new frontier; that of the internet newsletter. GameCola: Quenching your thirst for video entertainment. Written by myself, with a few sections by “the g50”, GameCola is a light-hearted look at the video game world. This bimonth’s features include a report on the Philly Classic 3 video game convention, and a review of SNES game NHL ’94. Want to check it out for yourself before you subscribe? Drop me a line, and I’ll send you the previous bimonths issue. This isn’t something you’re going to want to miss

You can subscribe for free

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