Cici’s mysterious dream

Well, I had a dream that I was like a witch or something, and had connections to an alien planet, and then one day some of the aliens came. They were small and had a head and like thin arms and legs, and only one eye, and I put one in a plastic bag and tried to suffocate it, but I felt bad and let it out. Then I became friends with it…oh and it used its super powers to fix my teeth and make them perfect. My dad didn’t believe me when I told him who did it. Then, me and family friends, the Franksmans, all went out to lunch, and apparently the waitress was like our enemy and found out that I was a witch (or whatever..) and wanted to kill the whole group of people. Super. Then my sister became invisible to walk across the street – and reappeared at the other side. I was like “Look Dad!” but the idiot didn’t turn to see anything. Then the waitress/enemy took my sister behind these curtain things, I think she killed her. I was trying to tell the rest of my family/friends we needed to get out of there but all they did was keep eating their fucking food.

Well we deciphered the dream for Cici as a favor. I’m qualified to do that because i’m going to take psychology classes via correspondence college. Basically the dream illustrates that she doesn’t have a good relationship with her father and her family doesn’t pay attention to her. Also she’s concerned about her sister’s well being since she might be getting into some trouble. Lastly, Cici is worried about her/her family’s weight problem.

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“Mother Teresa”: A camgirl on sex and religion

he opionated Teresafrom it turns out isn’t dead after all. She’s back, and she’s got some things to say about the Catholic Church.

I had a teacher for my Freshman year Religion class, he was a preist, and well I remember him handing us out these papers where it had a little graph. And basically, kissing with tongue was rated in the middle of the graph. And anything after that was all the way over into the ‘NO NO’ area. God, what a pain in the ass. I mean, why the hell do you think this big priest scandal is coming out? WE ARE HUMAN, WE HAVE NEEDS AND URGES and it just seems SO unrealisitic to tell someone to just cut off this normal human urge FOR LIFE. It seems like it would only lead to that! And it also seems like priesthood would only attract men who had some sort of problems – hence the whole messing around with young children. Ugh. I know thats stereotyping – and I’m just talking IN GENERAL. I realize there are SOME people who will be able to sacrifice hugely like that because they have this fire for God and their religion. And you know, that’s great! But really, it’s so unnatural and it would be very rare in my mind.

Did you know that it’s also ‘wrong’ to masturbate under the Catholic Religion? At least that’s what I was taught. I remember when this kid in my class asked our teacher, Father S, if he ever masturbated and if not, how he was able not to. I kid you not, he turned liek 20 shades of red. It was funny. We knew he did it.

Well it appears Teresa has a little bit too much machismo for my tastes, but she makes some excellent points. I went to a Catholic grade school myself, but I have never been religious. I was always a little partial to greek mythology (seriously).

You realize stds are MORE likely through anal sex, and you can even get stds through oral? I understand girls who don’t have “sex” because they don’t want to get pregnant (and of course I understand truly religious people or those with really strong moral beliefs who decide not to have sex), but if you’re claiming to have all these morals and/or be religious … yet you go out having oral and whatever else with your boyfriend or various people – DOOD – you’re seriously confused.

I guess this is another pet peeve of mine. I understand it – i mean, as humans we tend to be hypocritical at some point or another. Hell I know I am at times! I try as much as possible NOT to be, but no one knows everything and we’re bound to change our minds as we learn new things. And especially being young, we’re thrown so many different messages from everyone so it’s just plain out hard. But really, if you’re going to call yourself relgious, AT LEAST MAKE A REAL EFFORT, or just don’t call yourself religious!

As I said I’m not religous, and its been awhile since i’ve been with a girl “completely”. I’ve eaten neck with a couple girls but even that isn’t recent memory. I don’t exactly get out much since i started working 50 hours a week. Not too mention I had a violent breakup with my last girlfriend and have decided to keep things on a superficial level with girls and treat them as objects to keep the relationship on solid ground.

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Spanish article bashes nay and others

Maybe they’re just upset about Nay not being Cuban anymore, but there’s an article written in spanishabout nay and other camgirls. It even features a hilarious photo of Nay relaxing scantily in a bubble bath or something with her eyes blacked out. The article is typical other than that covering all the usual angles that salon and others wrote about ages ago. I liked how it says “el wishlist”. I ‘m not going to translate the whole thing, but I’m still waiting for a mainstream article that’ “pro-camgirls”<

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with the quickness

I have 2 weeks paid vacation from my work starting today so this site might not be updated with the usual veracity, though I’ll try to add at least one juicy tidbit everyday, I would mostly prefer to just lay around drinking milk and eating bananas and watching some john wayne movies.

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Michelle: “I want to Netmeet Cici Naked”

The friendly and really cute camgirl Michelle<(formerly of and and her best friend Ciciare sharing the domain

There’s a rumor floating around however, that Michelle would like to share a little more with Cici. Apparently the attractive and likeable Michelle has been trying convince Cici to go on netmeet with her, but Cici has so far been reluctant to accept. It’s not surprising that Cici has so far refused, since even though she is pretty and inadvertantly charming, the girl is known to be occasionally coldhearted and snarky. Michelle seems fairly confident though that she’ll get what she wants in the long run.

We here at onlinedailynews can’t honestly say that we support these two camgirls netmeeting because it sounds too pervy and might have a negative impact on their friendship.

It’s also possible these rumors are unfounded and were started by Michelle just to give the evening a little bit of flare, so keep checking in periodically over the next few weeks as details of this this story continue to unfold.

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Bumfights: a cause for concern indeed

Remember how in the 90’s, everyone you didn’t like used to try and act black? Well in the 2000s and wrestling, Nascar, TNN, and trailer rock, it appears acting like white trash is the trendy new in which homeless people get paid a few dollars to fight with each other on video. The images are incredibly graphic, and the participants get visibly injured.

Well the latest addition is a new website

from the site:
After more than three years of filming we’re finally done! Guaranteed to be the most hilariously shocking video you’ve ever seen. You’ll see drunk bums beating each other silly, real street fights caught on tape, sick pranks, chick fights, crackheads, bum stunts, “supermodel” Angela Taylor, and hands down the most core ruckus you’ve ever seen

I don’t know which is worse, the fact that there are people exploiting these homeless individuals by making these kinds of hick movies at their expense, or that people’s moral fiber has declined to the point that there is an audience for this drivel.

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Music Labels Plant Online Decoys

It’s not enough that you have to deal with viruses, broken downloads, and those annoying yellow links (if you use kazaa), now
the greedy “music” industry is planting “decoys” on free peer-to-peer services like Morpheus and considering lawsuits against individuals who swap files.
Basically the record labels will upload fake files that won’t work and lower the overall qulity of the database.
Additionally, the RIAA, is considering taking a new tack by suing individuals who use the services, rather than the companies that host them.
“They’re talking about suing individual users. It’s one of many options to stop declining sales, but they haven’t agreed yet whether to go forward or not,” said a record executive.

I don’t use these services since i don’t burn cds and mostly only listen to super nintendo midis when i’m online, nevertheless it’s doubtful this will work since users continue to find new ways to get music for free on the web.

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The Return of Palses Forums

Out of nowhere, Amanda</a decided to bring back the once popular palses community. Actually glovebox joe managed to convince her, but it was still rather unexpected.

Welcome to the Palses Board Thing!
For like, a year, the Palses Board was the coolest thing ever, but it kept getting hacked and breaking so after using a few thousand BB programs we just gave up.

UBB is like, all popular and stuff, so the hope is that they would make it stable and we can have fun again.

For those who don’t know, the Palses are 4 Lyfe, Homedawg, and stuff like that. I’m unsure. I forget a lot of the old Palses lingo. All I know is, that, uhm… we’re not quite like other boards in the sense that we’re extremely stupid.

So, enjoy.

Perhaps we can look forward to seeing some familiar palses like Mr. Peach, Vex, Voltron, Shane, Naeiri,…and err, bastards like Angelxdrug and Prettybitch.

Palses was unique in that none of the conversations were the least bit decipherable, not even in a “secret society” kind of way. Just endless random unapologetically incoherent posts by the same 5 or 6 members. I got a bit caught up in it for a time with such classic topics as “All Hail Amanda, the ‘diet pepsi’ of the internet”.

The re-emergence of Palses marks an important first step in validatethis’ return to greatness. Now all that’s left is to discontinue letting “joey michaels” post updates to the main page and perhaps coaxing bertie into orchestrating some manifestation for Survivorcam 3.

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A Thief in the Night

Well earlier today I was reading a rival’s site, “internet gossip” when I noticed one of the articles was written by me.It was marked “reader submission”, which was astonishing considering the fact that I certainly hadn’t submitted anything. In fact, the only time I’ve ever written an article for IG was about a rift between Charisma and Nay which was ages ago, and not only did i not get credit for it, but Dr. T rewrote the article and (naturally) altered it to give it a pro-nay stance.

Anyhow, after perusing through the text, sure enough it turned out they had blatantly plagiarized one of my articles directly off this site, word for word. I contacted them regarding this, and they were of course impolite, and unapologetic and also remarkably clueless regarding what constitutes plagiarism.

Anyhow, I have always envisioned (and still do) this site to be a tasteful gossip site, in lieu of tacky deviations like “jail bait of the week” or “worst tits on the net” (and other leftover 1990’s Springer era humor). We don’t need that kind of mtv.

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