turning dreams into glass and virtual concrete

So i feel as though I have a lot of creative and imaginative ideas for sites.
Some of them may not be so imaginative and creative, but are by nature “good bets” for success. I could be all wet of course, but let’s just say I have clear visions of these ideas. How does one go about finding someone who can turn those ideas into how I view them as successes in my head. I don’t have thousands of dollars to hire a programmer, and hosting and bandwidth are always an issue. I’m just looking for advice and opinions on how and where to go about it.

I have created and maintained a lot of websites in my day, some of which were utter failures, some of which were fairly successful but none which quite hit the big time. The reason for this is that my actual web development skills are quite dated. Being that the bulk of my knowledge with hand coding html and such was self taught, everything I do still has that 1998-2002 feel(which I like! but is not enough to make a popular site in this day and age.)
I never made it to the php world.

Several years ago i ran a url redirection service at 4w4.net. My plan was to get as many members as I could…hopefully to the size of tsx.org or cjb.net and then sell it for big bucks. I got it up to about 1000 members…and bam! out of nowhere my host cancelled me because someone was spamming their url. So it went right down to nothing in a matter of days( i could not find a new host who would be understading about the uncontrollable spam issue). At that point I said the hell with database driven stuff…as soon as it gets popular it gets too expensive to maintain. So then I started an internet news site which was onlinedailynews.com. It got fairly popular but I found it was impossible to make any money off of it(this was after the banner ad bust in 2001-2002 when site based ppc was mostly dead, and pre google adsense). Around that time I also had a site midifind.com, which was a midi file search engine. This strangely was a good money making site, as it actually made a lot of money selling ringtones from just a single tower banner ad. I regret that I did not keep this site going, but I was much more interested in catching expired domains at the time.

One thing I have always thought is that the web is all about people! Almost every huge site and “next big thing” on the web became big because of the people who joined the site and/or somehow contributed to it….dnforum wikipedia friendster myspace facebook twitter google mp3.com(the old version) drudgereport blogger wordpress livejournal the list goes on and on… the one thing they all have in common was the information and knowledge of a lot of people flooding into or permeating from the site.

However, going for “next big thing” type crazes may itself be chasing the last big thing rather than seeing the future. Perhaps the proverbial next big thing in business is tried and true proven business models. Having a simple product, service or store that is targeted to a niche, either geographically or specific product wise… and then marketing it step by step. You don’t need the biggest newest idea ever to be successful. Grocery stores have been around for forever and ever, and yet someone can still just open up a corner grocery store and start making big money. I guess what I’m saying is that the “next big thing” is not necessarily anything like what is popular today or even revolutionary in nature.

So getting back to the point…what do you think the best way to approach “partnering” up with someone if you have the idea but not the practical means to make your vision of a site come to life?

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Las Vegas is my dream town

So I went to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and let me just say that I want to move to Las Vegas. I love it so much, it has surpassed Los Angeles as my all time favorite city.  Don’t believe anyone who tells you it’s a crummy place. The truth is that it’s magical and dreamlike. 

Once my business was done at the show, I walked up and down the  Las Vegas strip over and over and over.  I went in every single casino, not to gamble but just to gaze around and explore. The first chance I got I walked really far to get to Circus Circus(a circus themed casino). I had always wanted to see it since it was in “Diamonds Are Forever,” one of my all time favorite movies. People had warned me that it’s part of the old strip, and sort of a seedy area now, but I didn’t care.  I stubbornly walked really far to get to it, and I was not disappointed one bit. Circus Circus is an awesome place. People have to learn to love the idea of something, the feeling of it.


Circus Circus is like a gigantic 60’s carnival with slot machines. I would say that it’s like Chuck E Cheese with slot machines, but that would not be doing the place justice.  And their slot machines are good too. I played for a really loooong  time with only 5 bucks, and I left with 10.  Oh and the game that the kid plays in “Diamonds Are Forever”(1971) where they shoot water and it blows up the balloons…it’s still there!  I’ve also started getting into the habit of writing the year of the movie next to the title, as there are so many crappy remakes of my favorite movies, I can’t even keep track anymore and I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea and start thinking I’m talking about some modern film godforbid. seriously..barf

Getting back to why Las Vegas is wonderful, it is a sort of fantasy land. Like you can live in alternate realities there and dream worlds. Say you’re in the mood to be in a pirate atmosphere, you just head on over to Treasure Island. Say you feel like going to the Circus, you tumble on down to Circus Circus.  What’s that? In the mood for some Springtime in Paris?  Just  travel a few blocks to Paris casino! Oh, you’d rather visit the old west? Well no need to bust out a delorean time machine ala “Back to the Future 3″(1990), just come on down to Bills Gamblin Saloon!  You get the idea. Las Vegas is the escapist’s paradise.  Get it? It’s really, really neat.

One thing I always remember about Los Angeles was that it’s often difficult to get into places. The vibe is one where everybody always says “no”. Whether you’re at the bank trying to cash a check, looking to go into a bar, or just asking a friend for a ride…the word “no” is something you get used to hearing. In fact, part of coming of age in Los Angeles is learning the wisdom to not ask for anything, as the moment you stop asking is when you finally start getting somewhere. While wandering though Las Vegas, I didn’t experience any of the cold shoulder you typically get in LA. I had no problem getting in anywhere. No one ever treated me as if I wasn’t supposed to be there.
There were no annoyingly pompous doormen, guest lists, etc. I could walk into the biggest hotels and restaurants, without any hassle. It was a completely friendly and totally welcoming atmosphere. Everyone is in a good mood and eager to help.

I had an amazing burger at this place called the Stripburger(strip as in Las Vegas Strip, not strip clothes) It was really juicy, even better than Johnny Rockets or the ostritch burger from Astro Burger. Also, while at the airport waiting for my plane back I won $250 in an Airport slot machine called “White Ice.” I had only put a buck in.

Las Vegas, I dig.

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you say sabotäge, I say sabotage

Went to the Phoenix Science Center
today to see the big Star Trek exhibit.
It’s funny, for all the things I love about the 60’s, I’ve never been into Star Trek. I mean, I liked the original show and everything( as a kid I used to watch the reruns after school on channel 18), and William Shatner is a hero and all but I guess it sort of got overdone with the zillion spinoffs and everything. They really beat it into the ground, and with those conventions it’s like it’s too nerdy even for me. So it’s as if it’s not even really associated with 60’s culture at this point…more like 90’s culture.

Also while there we did the normal science center stuff and went to the IMAX and saw “Greece: Secrets of the Past,” which was pretty interesting but l can’t think of anything noteworthy to write about it.

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