The Accidental Manwhore

Someday I should really consider becoming an actual manwhore instead of just an accidental one…which is to say that yes! I think I’ve indeed become an accidental manwhore. An accidental manwhore is a guy who enters a dating experience with mostly pure intentions, but for whatever reason it just doesn’t work out. It ends up having this net effect of you having a zillion of these like one or two week romances…where you hook up with the person a few times but a relationship or courtship never fully materializes. So it gives the appearance that you’re a sleazy manslut as before you know it you’ve managed to hook up with all sorts of people, but really you’re just a bold, stubbornly romantic guy in a brave new world who just so happens to have really bad luck and never quite gets anywhere yet keeps trying anyway. Accidental manwhorism is just another peculiar phenomenon of life in the big city.

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