Diary of

So I bought a “new” record player from East Side Records the other day, and got one record, “The Best of Bread” which they said I could have for free. I went home, plugged it in and listened to the first song “Make it With You” which I listened to with a girl recently on an early morning car ride(after a late evening.) But it’s the 3rd song, “Diary” that stands out:

I found her diary underneath a tree.
and started reading about me
The words she’s written took me by surpise
you’d never read them in her eyes.
They said that she had found the love she waited for.
Wouldn’t you know it, she wouldn’t show it.

When she confronted with the writing there,
simply pretended not to care.
I passed it off as just in keeping with
her total disconcerting air
and though she tried to hide
the love that she denied,
wouldn’t you know it, she wouldn’t show it.

And as I go through my life, I will give to her my wife
all the sweet things that I can find.

I found her diary underneath a tree.
and started reading about me.
The words began stick and tears to flow.
Her meaning now was clear to see.
The love she’d waited for was someone else not me
Wouldn’t you know it, she wouldn’t show it.

and as I go through my life, I will wish for her his wife
all the sweet things that she can find
all the sweet things they can find

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Driving like a maniac. Support those who support it.

This License permits you to drive on the sidewalks to avoid traffic — To drive through stop signs as long as you blow your horn — To drive with bad tires as long as you know your brakes are bad — To drive over a draw-bridge when the bridge is up.
Signed by U. R. Nuts


Well, my Las Vegas update will have to wait since I can’t transfer any of my photos because the internet has been down for like a week at my old place, and I haven’t set up service at my new hideout yet. AND I forgot to bring my usb cable to this public computer I’m updating from right now so I can’t transfer them here either.
Soooo, Friday night I went to the space party with Bill, Marcus and a couple of broads that were on our team. I hadn’t been to a theme party in a while. There was like a giant paper mache rocketship that we all got our picture in, but I think I took a really bad one. Tempe house parties seem to be making a bit of a comeback, but with the same old shitty aura. Nothing really eventful happened other than the fact that we were by far the oldest people there(but not recognized for it.)
After that there was another party like a block away, which was a more familiar demographic of skeezy Tempe people. We hung out in the backyard and got all down and dirty, but not really. Bill talked to some attractive “rough” girl that he’s been eyeballing for a while. She was probably too rock n roll for him though(to borrow the line of reasoning from David Hasselhoff as to why he was never into Pamela Anderson.) I spent the entire evening trying to romance some girl who was into cosmic energy and stuff with minimal results(but not quite zero results.)
Saturday after noon went thrift store shopping with SCW and didn’t buy anything. Although I did see a book I should have bought. Maybe I will go back and buy it.
Saturday night sucked balls. Ended up at Casey’s sitting around with Stacy Stone and her friends who were in town from California. They were rad enough to hang out with, but I just got going too late.
Sunday night was Nikki’s birthday party at San Carlos, which ended up being the best time I had in a while. All great people, except the dude who wanted to talk my ear off about his online business/pyramid scheme of all things. Business is for handling, not for talking about. Anyway the dude kept trying to get my input…and I was basically just telling him whatever bullshit I could think of to make the conversation boring enough for him to want to end it and go away. Finally he said something like “I feel like you’re not saying what you really think(about his business ideas or whatever.) Just come right out and tell me what’s really on your mind?” and Nikki turned and just said something like “He doesn’t do that.” And that was the end of it. I ended up hanging out with everyone for a long time…like 20 hours. I feel like people think when I don’t talk for a while, that i’m not having fun or something. Really though, if I just don’t feel like a part of a conversation, I’m not one of those people to try force my way in. When I have something to contribute, I will. Nikki also became the 787th person to tell me that I drive like a maniac. Which is possibly true. I may or may not harbor secret fantasies of wanting to be a race car driver or making daring escapes in high speed pursuits in some other life. I drive like a maniac. Support those who support it.

In other related news, I always take the long view.

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very important

Aaaaah! So Las Vegas was pretty uneventful, but kinda rad. I’ll post some pictures and give a proper update later today.

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Where have all the graveyards gone? Gone to Flowers every one…

Flying to Las Vegas in the morning. Will be back on thursday. Staying at “The Orleans,” a New Orleans themed hotel(hopefully pre-katrina and it’s not all just looters and mosquitoes running amok) Something tells me this isn’t going to be like “Live and Let Die.” If I die in a horrible plane crash. I hope you enjoyed reading my narcissistic ranting and raving for all these years. The other night I got this girl’s number and then when I texted her a few days later, she replied with something like “I’m sorry, I should have told you the other night I’m in a relationship etc.” Uhhh. What a dumb bitch. Why would you give your number out to guys at a bar? Anyway, not that I actually liked her or anything…she had a big greek nose kind of, but man how annoying. Anyway, she’s not the sort of girl who could make me feel all funny inside, you know like RH or ER or BS or NW. She was more of “mass text” material. Anyway! I’m going to Las Vegas, and it’s going to be hot as hell. Then when I get back all exhausted like, I get to finish cleaning out my old room and sorting through tons of accumulated crap and fell all the trauma of throwing away sentimentally valuable useless old shit.

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villain headquarters

This is my place.

more pictures to come…

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beneath the extended para-para-parasol!

So I’m almost all moved in to my new place. Though all I have is a bed, a television, and that orange end table that Brandie gave me, nearly 6 years ago. I do love that table so, but have never been able to find matching ones. It’s weird how over the years, every person that you get involved with, you sort of pick up something from them. Not always tangible items like tables or belongings left behind after stormy altercations and subsequent stormouts(in the case of Shannon it was a million notes that she had left as well as items she purchased for me during holidays.) But basically, you just take on some new interest or something based on a niche you’re exposed to. It sort of forces you to broaden and give things a chance you wouldn’t normally care/know about. Even if you only hang with them for a few days, or sometimes only a single date.

I remember Brandie was really into old school anime, which I had almost no interest in before I met her. Of course I had seen things like Ninja Scroll etc, but was never into it. Anime always seemed way too pervy. Like there was always some kind of robot rape, or some out of place incestuous undertones. Anyway, she got me into Urusei Yatsura which i ended up falling in love with, as well as the Neongenesis Evangelion series. After we broke up I ended up buying one Ranma 1/2 season 4 vhs tape from Bookman’s. And anyways, right after that I brought some girl home that I met at a Tempe party(this is like circa april 2005.) On our way, we stopped at Filiberto’s. This girl probably thought we were going to just get high or something, and that I would maybe try to bone down with her. Anyhow, instead of all that, I just popped in the Ranma video, which actually was a bizarre, really funny episode. It was called “Headmaster from Hell,” and basically the plot is that their principal returns from a trip to Hawaii, and when he comes back he acts and talks all “Hawaiian.” (WTF?)…Though his accent sounded more Jamaican to me, but what do I know. Anyway the girl I had over thought this was the lamest thing ever, and couldn’t wait to leave. You could tell she was about to tell all her friends she just hung out with the biggest dork who made her sit and watch anime. Ah well. I didn’t even get to hang out with her long enough to discover what her interests were, outside of Filiberto’s Arizona burrito(yes i really can remember what she ordered) and late night excursions with random dudes.

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Don’t cut out of here till we get on Cloud 9.

If you really want to annoy your romantic interest, just start talking like Edd “Kookie” Byrnes when you’re hanging out with her. I used to listen to this album around Christmas time last year, and after a while I started actually talking like this dude in real life on a day to day basis, to the disgust of many people. I picked up a lot of his phraseology and lingo. Enjoy a girl’s mortified reaction when you hit on her by telling her she’s the “ginchiest” in town. Or if you really want to impress her just say “I do 130 in a full house Deuce, with a Corvette mill on nitro juice.”

I wish I could find some of the other songs on this album to post…
Your GF will get mildly irritated but you can’t help but listen to this on repeat. Don’t let her bag on your groove. Let me clue ya, some of the jams on here are so far out they’re in. Shazam! I mean we’re talking the maximum utmost! The best ones are “Kookie Kookie Lend me your Comb,” “I don’t Dig You, Kookie” and “Like, I Love You.” Kookie (Edd Byrnes) is Kaptain Kool and an American original.

My ex girlfriend’s response was always to roll her eyes and curiously ask the all too familiar “so, is this like considered music or what would you call this?”

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The Friends Route

List of things to do with imaginary friend for the remainder of the summer:

swing on swings in parks
go to the botanical garden
a day at the zoo
hang out in the aftermath of a monsoon storm
get an inflatable boat and row out to the middle of a corporate pond
trip to flagstaff
take the elevator to the top floor of a building for no reason
buy a new ouija board
play chutes and ladders
take a cab to the airport and fly to los angeles for a weekend
a date at the malt shop (2 straws)
go fishing
watch Back to the Future trilogy
drink wine at postino
have a barrel of fun at Rawhide western theme park
go bowling (preferably not on club night)
see a movie at the Camelview 5
lie around and listen to records(or cds) in my living room
trip to San Diego, La Jolla
shopping at the mall and not buying anything
cook a lavish dinner
watch the sunrise from a unique vantage point
sing along to songs on the radio
hang out at the park in downtown scottsdale and watch the ducks and the swans
share inside jokes
laugh as new inside jokes materialize

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Beyond the Sea

Sea Creatures by Brandon Adamson

Remember where the seeds used to be
trees used to be
she used to be
right over there
once i loved a sea creature
now I just see creatures
see creatures

Talked to my ex girlfriend for a while on the phone yesterday. No we’re not getting back together or anything twinsane like that(although I do miss her ever-reliability and unwillingness to ever venture to flaketown.) We chat every now and then to catch up. She says she’s taking scuba diving lessons. I love the ocean, but man is it scary. It’s dark, deep, and there are ginormous Leviathanesque beasts lurking about in there. I remember when I was a kid I must have seen Jaws about 8 million times (Jaws I, II and III.) Jaws IV I saw in the theater, but that one is wacky and sucks. Anyhow, when I used to play in our swimming pool, I would pretend there were sharks in there, and I was so good at it, that I really did believe it and get genuinely scared sometimes. I would haul ass and swim to the side of the pool or climb onto a puny lifeboat raft for safety. And like every other sadistic child of the 1980’s, whenever my family took us to some sort of body of water, the first question was “Are there sharks in here?”

Sometimes when I’m bored, I go on the Shark Research Committee’s website where they log shark sightings on the Pacific Coast. For one thing, I’m always surprised how many of them there are, but even more shocked by how often people see sharks and just keep surfing or doing what they’re doing… “We witnessed what appeared to be a couple of great whites about 20-30 yards from where we were surfing. The sharks were behaving in an aggressive manner. We continued surfing for another 2 hours or so.” Now I don’t know about you, but if I’m doing anything in the ocean and I see large sharks in the immediate vicinity, I’ve gotta say that I’m outta there and headed back toward shore with the quickness. See you at the snack bar.

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Looking Beyond Redemption

Beyond Redemption by Brandon Adamson

“The Longest Road is the Road to Redemption”, read the
caption of a car advertisement that caught my eye
as I was flipping through the pages of an airline magazine
while flying high at one of the low points in my life.
It really runs true.
Often times the road to redemption, with time and experience,
gets longer, lonelier, and more difficult to navigate
than it ever was in the beginning.
Like the cell of a little white lie that divides and multiplies,
the path back off the beaten,
leads to ever more and more complicated math.
While in the process of attempting to redeem yourself, you end up
creating seemingly even more reasons to redeem, as you make the next
mistakes in trying to redeem yourself for past mistakes, and must then
redeem yourself for failure to redeem yourself for failing to redeem
for trying and failing miserably in the first place!
Make no mistake, it’s
like a mechanic who breaks something while trying to fix
something that he broke while trying to fix something
and so on, the road goes on and on,
until it’s just a bridge too far and you feel like giving up
enough to make you dizzy, enough to make a man off and jump.
When you’re beyond redemption,
it seems the only redemption is beyond.
From a first kiss to a lost cause,
you find yourself trapped,
caught in your own private episode of the twilight zone.
The story of redemption is the story that always works,
but hardly ever does.
The road to my own redemption
for failures and past mistakes
is indeed a long one, so wish for me safety in this unpleasant journey.
The veracity of a tenacity,
an ability to stubbornly persist and foolishly proceed
in the face of futility, but really,
absolving myself of all the guilt of the self absorbing,
amidst the broken bits of machinery
behold, an eye still gleaming,
perhaps the only redeeming quality(if any).

From my 2008 Book, SideQuests

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