Charlie Don’t Surf the Net!

So the weekend was strangely uneventful. I ended up not going out due to falling asleep during the prime time hours (10 p.m to 5 a.m thurs, fri sat and sunday night.) Also, for the entire weekend the movie “Apolcalypse Now Redux” played on repeat in my room. That’s not meant to be a metaphor for some abstract, surreal and creepy shit that was going on. I really was watching Apocalypse Now Redux. It must have played nearly 30 or 40 times(and still counting.) That of course, led to some really bizarre and terrifying dreams. The worst type of nightmare I have is a frequently recurring one. It’s one of those where in the dream, you’ve killed someone justifiably yet covered it up or buried them(like a metropolitan version of Deliverance but without the uncomfortable male rape scene.) Anyway you spend the entire dream, nervous about getting caught by the authorities who are slowly picking up clues(Match Point?) Well in this particular version, I had killed someone after they had come back from the dead, because they requested it. I may have actually only reburied them in some sort of weird shrine in the backyard. IDFK. For some reason I had to keep them in the freezer for a bit first. And then I went to the bank teller… who was in my house for some reason, and took out $50 to gamble in Vegas(high stakes I know.) The teller gave the money to me all in 1 dollar bills, and in an excessive amount of bundles and money bags which made it look like a hell of a lot more than $50. I was concerned it might be stolen.

Anyway, the big twist in the dream, was that when I got back home, my mom was in the process of killing someone. It was some sort of real jerky guy who resembled that asshole ex-husband/ex-boyfriend guy in Superman (was Brad his name?) So, yeah, basically I walk in, catch the end of the ordeal as she’s busy wiping away fingerprints from ashtrays and scrubbing the place of dna evidence(my mom always was a neat freak.)

So, later the cops show up, only vaguely suspicious,to ask her questions and search the place. I’m of course nervous about my own “crime” (which she does not seem to know about.) After they leave she tells me they found nothing except she can’t understand why they managed to spot some blood in the freezer. So the jig is up, but then I rationalize that since the cops are working on a completely different case, the blood in the freezer won’t match with that of the victim they are investigating, so they may not look into it further. The dream ends with us somewhat fast forwarded ahead in time, trying to get on with our lives. Meanwhile I’m still concerned about the police, but she reassures me that they have no evidence, and they’re not going to do anything.

One thing about these kinds of nightmares that always gets me, is that they are so real. I often find myself saying “if only this were a dream, but it’s real this time! I wish I could take it back, but it actually happened, and I will have have to look over my shoulder forever. This is real!” Well it wasn’t real. I woke up and there was Martin Sheen to tell me, “Saigon. Shit, I’m still only in Saigon.”

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SideQuests on Kindle

A poety book I wrote a few years ago is now available on Kindle for a measly 2.99. Not that you should buy it or anything(unless unchecked narcissism and megalomania are major turn-ons for you.)

You can buy it here:

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coldfront III

So the day of Soundwave I was sick and had a major fever, but I still didn’t want to miss it because it was such a unique event. I definitely should have dressed warmer, and if you know me…you know that I already wear very warm clothes as it is. Anyway, security wouldn’t let me bring in my bottle of ibuprofen of all things, but I managed to sneak a few pills in anyway. Anyway, it was classic anarcho-tyranny at the door.

One thing I’ve been noticing over the last couple of years is that kids and teenagers are starting to dress the way people dressed in the future as depicted in Back To The Future 2; Wild colors with crazy patterns, inside out appearing clothing, funky hats, elaborate tattoos, and gauges that essentially amount to bionic implants. I guess it’s not all that surprising as 2015 is less than four years away.

Almost every young girl that’s not of the dominant counterculture(or what’s left of it) now looks like a Juicy Couture employee… ultra tan with some sort of text on the butt of her pajama pants and sporting all sorts of fake H&M style jewelry and gemz. Not a bad look to be sure, but still.

I never was much into current or contemporary things in my adolescence. I was always in a another world. For a few years after high school though, it I felt like the younger kids right below me would be the ones who “got it” and with whom I would be able to identify with more than my own generation. They seemed to appreciate the things that I would appreciate(old movies, vintage, forgotten ideas, classic novels, obscure books, tape recorders, history etc.) That was a brief period of frozen time though, which thawed quickly. As I looked around at the thousands of peeps gyrating to remixes of other people’s music and cheering on a dude standing behind a laptop pushing buttons, I realized I have little to no connection to these kids. I cannot identify with them at all. They seem to live completely in the moment, totally immersed in today’s commercial world. They buy into every marketing tactic, fall for every gimmick, appear to have zero knowledge of any history that predates the 1980’s, have absolutely no patience or attention span, and communicate with one another at about a 3rd grade level. One could say that every generation feels this way about the younger crowd. They’d be right to a degree. But these kids, through no fault of their own, are living in a world without context. Because they have no context, they are content with whatever platter is served to them on recreated wheels. Since they lack curiosity they will never know the difference. A handful will grow out of it, escape and find their own individualism..perhaps stumbling onto a copy of The Wizard of Oz as Sean Connery’s character did in Zardoz.

Not that I have a problem with electronic music DJ’s or anything. They’re great, and I like dancing to music that goes “bloop bloop bloop bleep bleep bleep” and grinding up on hoes as much as the next guy. But why would anyone be excited about a specific person standing behind a laptop playing nondescript music that has no words or meaning? To see the crowd going crazy, it’s like “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” or something.

What else is there to say but that “These are strange times my friend…” as Thallo so eloquently put it in Clash of the Titans (1981 version.) Interview with Whit Stillman(Related)

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Coldfront part II

Photos from the Soundwave Music Festival at Big Surf.
Nothing special really. You’ll notice I took photos of Josh and Ron DMC in the men’s room, where we retreated to periodically to get out of the rain and stay warm.

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Coldfront Music Festival

So, Soundwave Music Festival was a clusterfuck. First there was a surprise $10 parking fee, which there was no warning about(when’s the last time you had to pay to park at Big Surf Waterpark?) and you didn’t find out until after waiting forever in a line of cars. Finally, long after it was too late to turn back, you reached a little sign (parking $10.)

It was also rainy and cold as balls the entire time. My socks and shoes were soaking wet from the rain, so I had to purchase a $12 bathtowel from the Big Surf ice cream shop to dry my feet off(i threw my socks away.) Mostly I just stood around with Josh Smusz and Ron DMC playing pocket pool. It was too cold to even hit on girls.

It was freezing the whole night, and I left early. I’ll have another update on the cultural aspects of this festival when I get a chance.

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Soundwave Music Festival 2011

Somehow I managed to fall asleep last night leaving the front door wide open. No wonder the rain seemed so loud.

Today is the big day of the Soundwave Music Festival at Big Surf…which would be really amazing except that it’s pouring. However, it’s going to be amazing anyway. There all kinds of DJs and such there that everyone is raving about, but most of whom I’ve never heard of. I confess I don’t really care much for remixes, dubstep or electronic music in general. It does nothing for me. I prefer bards, really. However, Soundwave Music Festival is going to be party central, so I am going. Almost every stylish pretty girl in PHX will be there…so there is ample opportunity for romance to be squandered and depressed about in the near future. Also, the DJs/bands ARE going to be great, even if that genre isn’t my cup of tea.

Also, I have not been to Big Surf since 1995. They always had the best wave pool, because they just had one giant wave that came every few minutes. When we were kids my cousin Justin and I used to rent rafts and ride the wave attempting to crash into people, mainly hot girls. Even though we thought we were badass, we were of course harmless mischief makers and pipsqueaks in reality so nobody ever got too upset.

Hopefully it will stop raining by 4 p.m. when this thing starts, cause I was planning on getting a nice sunburn to help stave off my self diagnosed vitamin d deficiency and adult onset of rickets. JK. The sun does have some antibacterial an anti-fungal properties though which could be beneficial though.

Who loves the sun….bah bah bah bah not just anyone.

UPDATE: I just woke up from a 3 hour nap. It stopped raining and the sun is out now.

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Lost in Austin

So SXSW was fun, but majorly exhausting. I definitely did not bring the appropriate shoes. The $10 vinyl kicks I usually wear are great for dancing, but are the male equivalent of ballet flats, and have all the support of a piece of tissue paper. By the end of the trip, I could not even stand or walk on them. I hobbled through the airport wincing in pain with each step.

The most memorable band I saw was “Beach Fossils.” The singer broke a string and all the sudden got on the mic and started ranting and raving.. “Fuck this venue. This place fucking sucks!” It was kind of out of nowhere. It got really awkward for a few minutes. They were really good though, so nobody really booed and after playing minus a string for a bit the singer asked if we wanted them to keep playing. Almost everyone said yeah…so he changed the string on his guitar and finished the show.

Most of the time I hung out with Wes, Ashleigh and Darci, but the last day I was totally on my own and strictly handling business. Wes was there with his band “Gospel Claws” who were playing a couple of showcases, and Ashleigh and Darci were just there for adventure.

Anyway, the entire trip this year was like an alternate universe in which people who were essentially strangers in one city were suddenly good friends in another…like an episode of Sliders or something(a show I never much cared for.) It was only vaguely reminiscent of the film “Blame it on Rio”(starring Michael Caine and directed by my all time favorite director, Stanley Donen) which I watched on HBO as a kid, but was too young to have any clue what it was actually about.

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