Force Fields

I started up a new Futurist magazine. I owned this domain for years and let it expire, but fortunately I got it back. The mag will mostly feature articles from a national futurist perspective. Hopefully I can recruit some quality writers, but there are only a few people I would have in mind.


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Brandon Adamson on Soundcloud


So I’ve had a soundcloud account for many years but just started using it today.

I plan on using it more so follow me on there or like my jams or whatever people do on there

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Random Round Up

Brief Interview I did with “Abstract Art of Tumblr” blog

Short review of “Feeble Screams in Fever Dreams” at IndigoIndie

Review of In This Town on The Music Farmer

Feeble Screams reviewed in Acid Fishbowl

“In This Town” mentioned in ElectroWow

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Still Around

You might be wondering why I’ve been updating less frequently. No, I haven’t stopped writing. I’ve just gone underground for a while. I also still post articles over at The updates at RandomBrandon have always been of a more personal nature, and I haven’t been doing much lately in life other than writing and nobody wants to read blog posts about a guy sitting around writing weird articles all day and taking breaks to go out for a little snack. Just know that I’m still around.

– Brandon





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Forms Of Childhood Trauma That Only Imaginative 80′s Kids Could Appreciate

New listicle at Stepkid

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Those Pesky Birthrates

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New Article On

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Feeble Screams In Fever Dreams “video”

Featuring Los Angeles model, Avi Taylor. Shot in 2010 on a cheap HD video camera purchased from CVS pharmacy(it was advertised in Buyer’s Edge.)

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The Jewel Is Gone


New single out today. Available on iTunes(and everywhere else)
Download from iTunes

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Sports Fans

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