Justin posts our aim convo

darkr4bbit: I visit your site often. There is a lot of content.
psykotik2k: haha.
psykotik2k: content.
psykotik2k: that’s funny.

from http://www.badinagoodway.com

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badinagooway response to my guestbook entry

Fullname: rabbit
Email: webmaster@allthingsdark.com
Where are you from?: hollywood forever
Homepage Name: allthingsdark.com-just like heroin except its good for you
Homepage URL: http://www.allthingsdark.com
Comments: bad in a good way. Girls usually tell me i’m good in a creepy way. but like steinbeck says “we go on”

What the fuck are you on about?

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Despair For Men, ‘half the man you used to be’

well, we here at allthingsdark.com have decided to offer you our very own new brand of scent for the male. It all started when Rudd told rick and i that if there was a scent to decribe me it would be “despair”, making reference to a possible new cologne for men. Since this idea originated from rudd i found it only fair that he would be the model in the very first “despair for men” ad(picture above).

Is despair for men right for me?

despair for men is recommended for any of the following people

1. A cop who has been thrown off the force for accidentally shooting an unarmed teenager and the wife and children have left him, and he has taken to the bottle
2. high school kid or 23 year old who never ever ever gets the girl even though he saw movies like “better off dead” and “valley girl” and that proves he should get the girl cause life is supposed to have happy endings damnit
3. A stock broker who has to go home and explain to his wife that they lost everything
4. A guy who loses all his money in las vegas, and then ends up oweing money to the loansharks who gave him more money to gamble when he ran out
5. Any guy in a relationship with a “busy girl”(nevermind)
6. Any guy who suspects his girlfriend may be cheating on him, or wanting to or dreaming of cheating on him
7. Guys with suicide fantasies and daydreams about how cool it would be etc.
8. straight guys who live in predominantly gay areas because gay men are creepy for the most part(sorry rick), but you can’t call me a homophobe because “i have a lot of gay friends” and lesbians are okay if they are feminine plus they are a challenge (even though it is unnatural)
9. guys who are hypochondriacs and always think they are sick
11. guys who are poor and starving to death
12. any guy who was laid off from any job
13. all of the above!

So, now I know some of you are dying to purchase this stuff so you can put out the scent and plant your seed in some girl who feels sorry for you, or is tricked into thinking you’re the man you once were thanks to the camouflaging abilities despair for men will have to give the appearance of a more superficial personality. Enjoy!

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diet pepsi and the champion

Shane and I stayed up all night playing “Kid Chameleon” for Sega Genesis, one of the hardest games of all time. We got to like level 70 after playing several hours, and that was as far as we got. When you’ve lost all your lives and used up a couple of meager continues it just goes back to the title screen. It’s just merciless.

We got to Fashion Square mall when it opened, and we ate at the Mexican food place in the food court. Shane ordered something called “the champion” which turned out to be a gigantic burrito. When he got it he was shocked and a little embarrassed by how truly enormous it was. He didn’t finish it.

We went and saw “The Princess Diaries.” I had just bought a huge thing of diet pepsi from the food court, and they wouldn’t let me take it in the theater. However, I was not to be denied. Shane and I went outside the mall and successfully sneaked into the theater from some random door outside, all just so I could bring my diet pepsi in.

“The Princess Diaries” was actually a pretty good movie, but it made me kind of sad because I lived in Los Angeles when they were filming it. Also I love those cute teen movies, but they always make me think of my own lost youth, wasted time and unfulfilled dreams.

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forget advertising

Well we really shoudn’t just forget advertising, but i think it should only supplement other forms of income from our websites. The fact is that a site will soon no longer be able to survive relying on
paid advertising alone(if they can now).

I think people need to stop focusing on what pitiful cpm they are getting this week and start focusing on other ways of making money.

I’m not just talking in terms of subscription models or micropayments necessarily, but perhaps new (unidentified?)

I know some sites say they HAVE to rely on
advertising to survive. What does that tell you about the hold advertisers currently have on webmasters. Those types of sites will not survive. Only sites willing to pioneer new methods(or perhaps very old?) of extracting income from their traffic.

In my opinion cpms will never go back up significantly. It’s time for people to get creative and have a plan, and i don’t mean a barrage of popups and flash ads either, i’m talking about selling your own product service whatever.

If a site can’t do that than does it really offer anything worth saving? or does it just repackage the talent of others?

I also use advertising, but realizing its time for us to move on and control our own destiny.

In my post i did not wish to imply i had the answers.

The only answer i have is that if you are going to be successful in the future, than you must offer something which viewers could not get anywhere else because sooner or later
people will no longer be able to favorably monetize traffic using advertising alone whether it be cpm cpc cpa or whatever.

I do not have the answer as to how this can be accomplished. I have run dozens of sites in the past making money the old way,(in reference to the internet timeline of course)
and i’m looking to pioneer new territory as i think we all should.

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eFront icq logs at the forefront of emedia


wow i just read through those icq logs.
They are definitely real. Efront must be
shocked to have been exposed in that way.
Any webmaster who doesn’t despise them after
reading that i feel sorry for. Though i suppose many webmasters don’t want to admit they got ripped off(not good for the ego)…

the guy from kebie said he would post a mirror of it somewhere, so at least he still has it on his computer. did you read those logs? this has got to be one of the greatest
stories in the history of the net ad industry.

wow this is realy getting big now. http://web.archive.org/web/20010312011208/http://www.lumthemad.net/news/1798.php
i’m thinking of putting a story together for slashdot. Would anyone like to help?
…just got an email from kebie. He’s making another page in the morning

UPDATE 3/9/01 :

this story really blew up today.
its being talked about on nearly every
now all the efront site owners are being denied access to admin their sites. Efront
is doing everything they can for damage control, but it’s too late….

The bird has flown

UPDATE 3/10/01

hey, we made the front page at slashdot!
I didn’t submit anything, but it looks like
some others had the same idea…
None of the 200 efront sites are responding
now. Either the traffic from slashdot totally
killed them, or they just decided to pull the plug.

Either way, looks like they are finished.
The kebie.com guy is really the hero
in this story. He had nothing to gain really
except the satisfaction of bringing them down and making the truth known.

Hopefully, the webmasters will get their sites back as a result of this.

Geekvillage removed the thread.
Yeah, that’s pretty normal for over there
at geekvillage(myself being a banned member)
This is by far one of the biggest stories in the history of net advertising, i think its worth discussing.
Anyway, fc has a new feature as of a couple of hours ago.

I’m eagerly awaiting the next developments
as this thing gets bigger by the day.

the urls of pages with reference to this situation have been growing by the dozens.

UPDATE 3/11/2001

Yeah, supposedly some news wires are going to be picking this thing up sometime today.
Anyway you look at it, i can’t imagine efront
being able to come out of this now.

I mean what adverisers in their right mind
would do business with them now?
Efront is finished, it is only a matter
of “to what extent they will be sued/prosecuted”.

UPDATE 3/12/2001

I lived in
socal last year…starting to miss it

Efront appears to have been reduced to showing casino ads. I wonder if many adverisers pulled their campaigns. I bet a lot of them don’t even know about this.

If efront does go down it should boost cpm levels slightly (temporarily) since they supposedly serve about 350 million pageviews.

That is why you’re not supposed to discuss such important matters over icq. Besides,
the benefit of these being made public far outweighs any negative impact.
If anything the webmaster from avfind will gain some interest for his software by all the free publicity.

for some people the truth is more important. Many of the great cover ups
over the years have been exposed illegaly.
All he had to do was turn off open file sharing. It may have been illegal, but just because something is illegal does not make it wrong. Sure i would not like it if it were me, but if you have something to hide in your icq logs… it does mention in the agreement not to discuss anything you want
to be kept private.
basically all i’m saying is this is a form
of vigilante justice.

in my opinion, justified (with the benefit of hindsight)

there will be more like efront, but at least
WE’LL be ready….


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