unscrupley snooply

I’ve been receiving unsolicited email from Snooply, which must have gotten my information from GV. The message starts out
“We’d like to partner with your organization”. Then if you reply it turns out they mean sign up for their affiliate program basically.

 I just recognized it was Kaumil Patel that’s how i obviously knew.

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pay for placement

Commercial Alert, a watchdog group founded by Ralph Nader, has filed a complaint regarding deceptive advertising with the FTC regarding PPC search sites.

It figures they would assume people are not intelligent enough to know that they are ads (especially since a “cost to advertiser” is usually given next to each listing (though this may not apply to all ppc engines.

Not only that, but this “watchdog” group hasn’t seemed to notice all the blind link
advertising on the net(which people surely do not realize is advertising)
ie. click here for the latest pics of britney.

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i wish for you to tell me the great stories

Tell me the great stories of the future of making money on the internet. I wish to hear them all.

popup console hell

It will never get better only worse.
Come up with an original idea and sell your own product
gfa ha ha

Unforunately though i don’t agree that the advertising industry will improve to the point where people will be able to maintain their site with ad revenue, let alone make a profit.

I agree that the media has blown things way out of proportion, and that is probabaly to our advantage since less people will want to get in on the game.

My point is that webmasters should focus more on making money from other sources besides advertising instead of needing advertising to survive. This is part of the reason publishers have little/no leverage
right now in negotiating rates with ad networks. They get an email saying “your cpm will be lowered to 10 cents muahaha”, and the publisher has to accept because they have bills to pay.

For some sites selling their own product or providing a service just will never work. I realize that. In my opinion those sites are
doomed to fail or at the most break even(though i reserve the right to change my mind about this guahaha).

I shall be ready to fight the evils
of net advertising. They are everywhere,
and only those who are true of heart will be able to defeat them. guahaha guahahahaha


yes some are making a profit now, and many of those are intense one man operations and also kids who don’t need to worry about the real cost of living.

I also think we haven’t seen the worst of things yet. I don’t think the market will “turn” as you say. CPM isn’t going to make a comeback. Most people i’m aware of are
just surviving right now hoping it will end

The companies which are doing well are sites with little/no content bandwidth and pages saturated with ads. This will not last
because the surfers will get too used to being bombarded with junk with all these fake portals and popups, uncloseable windows etc.

It will take a while before advertisers realize they aren’t getting the results they wanted. Many companies are still blowing all their money on ads in a last effort to try to save their dot com.

Sure some people will still make money through advertising alone, but a useful site doing so will/is the exception not the rule

then again sending junk email to people’s mailboxes still makes money so you never know

i am still waiting to hear the great stories.
am i going to be the only one battling evil
or do i have allies muahaha.

I believe advertising will survive, but only
if your site is true of heart, not a page full of cheap ploys to get people to click.
Sure it will work now, but what about when
more aol soccer moms become more web savvy
and realize you are tricking them into using some fake portal.

One way to get the one up on them is to make a message board with fake messages and when people try to post, you just send them to CHTF.

“all they are gonna do is suck your bandwidth” muahahaha

You’ve got to stay ahead of those surfers
they will do anything to ruin it for us

how is that for a great story guahahaha

was in fact mocking to some degree the current state of advertising on the net

1.surfer finds way to ignore painfully annoying ad

2.publisher finds way to trick visitor into viewing painfully annoying ad

3. surfer, just like the computer joshua from the movie “wargames” starring matthew broderick and dabney coleman learns and
does not click a second time

4.publisher must find new horrible way to force people to view unappealing ads
or take the high road and sell something they would actually buy themselves

Yes, make no mistake i am hear to fight evil.

From what i read, you are a brave fighter of evil as well.
I wish you luck in this battle as it seems you are true of heart
developing a product that has few competitors is the way to bliss.
I have viewed many threads searching through the geekvillage posts, and yes i have seen the great stories.

I have been to the site http://www.net-ads.com many times.
I find it to be a valuable resource since you seem to have access to news that others do not. Though it does not appear to address the need to fight evil.

I believe one of the great stories of the future of internet advertising is the selling of products and branding, and making peace with the surfer.

Right now it seems advertisers are at war with the surfers. I do not believe that you wish to buy from someone you are at war with.

on the other hand as i said before, people
hate junk mail in their mailbox(i mean real junk mail not email) yet people have been making money with those schemes for years,

perhaps taking advantage of the less savvy
much the way net advertising does now
if anybody understands what i mean.

Yes yes this is what i have been saying.
These are the great stories.

I just do not think sites should rely solely on advertising to make money. Doing this they have no power against the evils of the world.

Advertising should only supplement other forms of income such as a product or service which you provide. The net became so profitable that people just threw money everywhere and the old idea of having to have a product no longer applied.

but the ghost of alladvantage has spoken to me in a dream. i remember what he says
clear as day

“the rules have changed….”

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eFront icq logs at the forefront of emedia


wow i just read through those icq logs.
They are definitely real. Efront must be
shocked to have been exposed in that way.
Any webmaster who doesn’t despise them after
reading that i feel sorry for. Though i suppose many webmasters don’t want to admit they got ripped off(not good for the ego)…

the guy from kebie said he would post a mirror of it somewhere, so at least he still has it on his computer. did you read those logs? this has got to be one of the greatest
stories in the history of the net ad industry.

wow this is realy getting big now. http://web.archive.org/web/20010312011208/http://www.lumthemad.net/news/1798.php
i’m thinking of putting a story together for slashdot. Would anyone like to help?
…just got an email from kebie. He’s making another page in the morning

UPDATE 3/9/01 :

this story really blew up today.
its being talked about on nearly every
now all the efront site owners are being denied access to admin their sites. Efront
is doing everything they can for damage control, but it’s too late….

The bird has flown

UPDATE 3/10/01

hey, we made the front page at slashdot!
I didn’t submit anything, but it looks like
some others had the same idea…
None of the 200 efront sites are responding
now. Either the traffic from slashdot totally
killed them, or they just decided to pull the plug.

Either way, looks like they are finished.
The kebie.com guy is really the hero
in this story. He had nothing to gain really
except the satisfaction of bringing them down and making the truth known.

Hopefully, the webmasters will get their sites back as a result of this.

Geekvillage removed the thread.
Yeah, that’s pretty normal for over there
at geekvillage(myself being a banned member)
This is by far one of the biggest stories in the history of net advertising, i think its worth discussing.
Anyway, fc has a new feature as of a couple of hours ago.

I’m eagerly awaiting the next developments
as this thing gets bigger by the day.

the urls of pages with reference to this situation have been growing by the dozens.

UPDATE 3/11/2001

Yeah, supposedly some news wires are going to be picking this thing up sometime today.
Anyway you look at it, i can’t imagine efront
being able to come out of this now.

I mean what adverisers in their right mind
would do business with them now?
Efront is finished, it is only a matter
of “to what extent they will be sued/prosecuted”.

UPDATE 3/12/2001

I lived in
socal last year…starting to miss it

Efront appears to have been reduced to showing casino ads. I wonder if many adverisers pulled their campaigns. I bet a lot of them don’t even know about this.

If efront does go down it should boost cpm levels slightly (temporarily) since they supposedly serve about 350 million pageviews.

That is why you’re not supposed to discuss such important matters over icq. Besides,
the benefit of these being made public far outweighs any negative impact.
If anything the webmaster from avfind will gain some interest for his software by all the free publicity.

for some people the truth is more important. Many of the great cover ups
over the years have been exposed illegaly.
All he had to do was turn off open file sharing. It may have been illegal, but just because something is illegal does not make it wrong. Sure i would not like it if it were me, but if you have something to hide in your icq logs… it does mention in the agreement not to discuss anything you want
to be kept private.
basically all i’m saying is this is a form
of vigilante justice.

in my opinion, justified (with the benefit of hindsight)

there will be more like efront, but at least
WE’LL be ready….


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I’m back, but I don’t like what I see

Well,I’m glad to be back everyone, but this latest internet is discouraging. It appears there are tons of new promising money making
companies which is great…however the search engines have all but slammed the door
on those of us who relied on doorway pages
for traffic. Also most of the search engine submission sites are defunct, or have outdated scripts. Now with all advantage
going downhill my only hope appears to be ignifuge for easy money. Oh and thank god
standard internet corp is still intact, if it weren’t for allclicks, I wouldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. Does anyone else hate this latest anti-cleverwebmaster
I once had the system completely figured out
now i have to do it all over again.

Any advice on where to go from here. Has anything positive happened this past year
that I’m missing?

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