SXSW Redux

Just a quick retrospective on South By Southwest 2010:

Even with a badge, I found it was hard to get into some of the bigger shows if you didn’t get there early enough.

I would say that this year there were a few big name bands, and a zillion unsigned bands/bands on small indie labels. The thing is, is that there are so many bands that you can pretty much just pick and choose whatever interests you regardless of the what the “big shows” are supposed to be. There were a large amount of bands from foreign countries, which I though was cool…many from the UK, Sweden, Germany, Japan etc. Also I ran into plenty of other people in bands i knew who were playing “unofficial” South By southwest shows as well as some very good “street corner bands.”

Many people have complained that it has gotten too big and too corporate, but I felt like the grass roots stuff is still there if you’re looking for it and for me it was a great opportunity to see bands from all over the world I had never heard of that I might never have got a chance to see otherwise. Also usually when I hear that an event has gotten too big, I know that it’s something i’m going to be interested in(too corporate and it just becomes a pop art experience.) I’m not one looking to preserve some cozy “down home” sort of atmosphere in a community.

Moving on, I suppose it’s subjective and everyone has different tastes…but some bands that I thought were cool/interesting were:

Judgement Day (a three piece “string metal” band from Oakland that played a couple free shows just on the street)

Kings Go Forth (from Milwaukee)

Crystal Antlers

The Magic Wands

Casiokids (from Norway)

Ben + Vesper (New Jersey?)

But looking through the schedule, there were tons of bands, and one could find pretty much find any type of music they were looking for. Most of the memorable bands I saw weren’t on my schedule and just ones that I sort of stumbled across while walking around…so in my experience there is still plenty of opportunity for newer music to be discovered there.

It’s rare for me to experience new music, as I never check out new bands and pretty much live in a 1960’s time warp
as far as music and movies…rarely venturing out past the anything from the late 70’s…the exceptions being nostalgic stuff from my childhood and adolescence back when I used to live halfway in the present.

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in like flynn

So I got to see Neon Indian last night, which was great. It was crowded though and smokey so I left after a few songs. Man. people in Austin LOVE to smoke cigs. They are all so oblivious about it too. They are just like “hey I’m Texas! Fuck y’all. Eat my smoke!” It’s annoying because inhaling all their carbon monoxide wreaks havoc on my sinuses and makes me all mucousy.

So, as I was walking down 7th street toward the Beauty Bar, who did I run into but my old friend and roommate Abe from Treasure Mammal…who I lived with at Del Rio in Fall 2003. He was in town playing some shows. He asked me if I was playing, but I told him I was just here promoting stuff.

Also something amazing happened on Friday night I was strolling around 6th street in tourist hell…and I saw a dude that looked just like someone I knew back in the day…guitarist Dan Flynn. So texted Mark Schoenecker and told him there was a Flynn doppelganger at South By Southwest…and he was like “That’s Him!”

So I went up to him, and we bro’d out for a bit. Turns out he was here with his band “Kings Go Forth” to play a bunch of shows. They are playing at The Galaxy Room tonight so I have to remember to go. One time when we were kids he went to school with a girl that I liked…so I told Flynn to make up this story about how he and I were at a party together and that “some fresh girl was on my tip” in order to make her jealous or create the illusion that I was likable to the opposite sex. BUT what ended up happening is when he told her that in the cafeteria she was like “Brandon! I fucking hate that kid.” And she tried to get people to kick my ass…but they didn’t because one of the guys’ girlfriends went to MY school and she lived by me so I gave her a ride home everyday. True story.

Finally, last night the most outlandish thing happened: It was late at night, around 2 or , and I was watching drunk broads come out of the bar and eyeballing them…when a sober girl came up to me and said “what’s up”. So I said hi, and then she was like “Are you from Phoenix?” and I was like “yeah.”
She said she’s seen me around a lot, especially at Casey Moore’s! She thanked me for making the trip all the way out here and we high fived…which is as close as I got to a make out session last night as I wasn’t in the mood to bottom feed or settle because that just gives you buyer’s remorse later and makes you want to cry in the shower.

Today is cold as balls! and windy too

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