a camgirl on current affairs

A rising star among cam girls and a gorgeous conglomeration of ethnicity, Teresa is also very opinionated on some of today’s most “controversial”(to some people i guess) issues:


It’s addictive and it kills. It’s not “cool” anymore. I personally, find it disgusting. If you’ve ever kissed someone who’s just been smoking, or someone who is pretty much a chain smoker, I’m sure you’ll agree


The solution to poverty, is knowledge, help. And this comes down to the third world countries as well. We need to teach them how to have a democracy. How to build the much less poverty stricken country, we’ve built. damn, i’m not articulate/well written today. yay for rough drafts. anyway, you get my point =D

pet cloning

I’d like to say, cloning takes away all the fun! Reproduction is fun for any species, let it be done the natural way! Same goes for death…when it’s a persons/cats/whatever’s time to go, it’s their time to go! Learn to cope, and let nature take it’s course.

Theresa is obviously more intelligent than your average attention starved cam girl and though i prefer the classics myself, it’s always nice to discover a new ginger girl with a little bit of flare.

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