The Lost Boy in Austin

So on Saturday I saw The Like (who were great) and Minus the Bear then Casio Kids and a few other bands. Nothing too eventful…spent quite a bit of time at the Beauty Bar late in the evening, mostly just standing around looking creepy since I didn’t know anyone…although I did run into Elisa and some other people I recognized from Phoenix. And I think I said something to Elisa like “you look great did you just break up with a boyfriend or something? girls always look great after they break up with a boyfriend” which she didn’t know whether to take as a compliment or not.

Sunday the festival was mostly over. I caught a screening of “The Lost Boys” at the Alamo theater. Right before it they had an old commercial for the Intellivision video game system from the early 80’s. The people in the audience were laughing, but I remember what a great console it was. At a birthday party as a kid I watched some older relatives play an epic game of “Tron Deadly Discs” getting further than anyone I’d ever seen, all the way to those guys with the wands who kill you instantly.

Lost Boys was great, but it made me kind of sad not just because of the death of Corey Haim, but because I had just watched the movie recently on a first date with a girl. I remember I told her that “The Lost Boys” was sort of a modern day story of peter pan, but with vampires, which she said she never knew that or thought about it that way.

My last night in Austin was awful, since I made the mistake of eating at Stubbs BBQ and got food poisoning and so I ended up spending the entire evening vomiting my brains out. I feel better today though. Man, I am so glad to be out of Austin. Seriously, I never want to go to Texas again.

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The endangered species carousel

Went to Zoolights on Tuesday night at the Phoenix Zoo. When we walked in, immediately somebody(a zoo employee) took our picture, and they were like “you can pick up the photo on the way out,” but we were so surprised that there was no way either one of us was going to want to see what leprositic looks of terror on our faces that were captured on digifilm. Something of a poor man’s paparazzi, it was a schlock and awe tactic to say the least. We did not retrieve the picture upon exit.

The dancing trees light show is amazing. We watched it 3 times. There was an energetic older man who video-recorded the entire thing on his camera and showed it to us…which mostly just made me think how I need to get married so that I don’t end up like one of those lonely wandering old men who spend their time people watching in public places and chatting it up with young strangers. But alas, I know it is to be my destiny.

They have a Komodo dragon exhibit now. As I’ve mentioned before, the Phoenix Zoo keeps getting better all the time.

While I was recovering from surgery a while ago, I read a copy of “Peter Pan” which had been given to me as a gift for xmas 2007 with the inscription “to the boy who will always be my Peter Pan.” Well as we all know…Wendys come and go, but Peter Pan remains in neverland…so long as children are gay and innocent and heartless.

I will be going to Las Vegas again in January for the annual Consumer Electronics Show and staying at The Flamingo. Last time I was in Vegas I won some money…would like to win some more. Just need to find myself a nice “White Ice” slot machine.

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