The Lost Boy in Austin

So on Saturday I saw The Like (who were great) and Minus the Bear then Casio Kids and a few other bands. Nothing too eventful…spent quite a bit of time at the Beauty Bar late in the evening, mostly just standing around looking creepy since I didn’t know anyone…although I did run into Elisa and some other people I recognized from Phoenix. And I think I said something to Elisa like “you look great did you just break up with a boyfriend or something? girls always look great after they break up with a boyfriend” which she didn’t know whether to take as a compliment or not.

Sunday the festival was mostly over. I caught a screening of “The Lost Boys” at the Alamo theater. Right before it they had an old commercial for the Intellivision video game system from the early 80’s. The people in the audience were laughing, but I remember what a great console it was. At a birthday party as a kid I watched some older relatives play an epic game of “Tron Deadly Discs” getting further than anyone I’d ever seen, all the way to those guys with the wands who kill you instantly.

Lost Boys was great, but it made me kind of sad not just because of the death of Corey Haim, but because I had just watched the movie recently on a first date with a girl. I remember I told her that “The Lost Boys” was sort of a modern day story of peter pan, but with vampires, which she said she never knew that or thought about it that way.

My last night in Austin was awful, since I made the mistake of eating at Stubbs BBQ and got food poisoning and so I ended up spending the entire evening vomiting my brains out. I feel better today though. Man, I am so glad to be out of Austin. Seriously, I never want to go to Texas again.

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“I am so dead they’re going to have to bury me twice “- Corey Haim

Corey Haim died, which was pretty sad. He was always my favorite of the two Coreys. In the fall of 1988, my mom took me and Robbie Haas to see “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” but for some reason it wasn’t playing so we ended up seeing “License to Drive” which would later serve as an unbeknownst premonition to my own future drivers test woes. I really wanted to be like Corey Haim when I was a kid, and he inspired many of my early ambitions. It’s weird to think that getting caught up in all the seriousness of art, music and show business, that what initially got me into all this stuff was just wanting to be like childhood icons I once idolized like Corey Haim, Christopher Pettiet and Jonathan Brandis…a trifecta of cool dudes I spent endless hours trying to look like in the mirror in the early to mid nineties.

All three of them are dead. Someone preserve Edward Furlong!

I even liked Corey Haim’s later teen movies when he was starting on the way down. I remember a humid summer evening in 1992 watching “Prayer of the Rollerboys” by myself on the third floor and thinking it was a cinematic masterpiece. I have not seen it since but would like to. I always wished for these guys to make a comeback, and when I lived in Los Angeles I used to daydream about writing indie scripts that would be vessels for people like Jonathan Brandis and Corey Haim to make stage big comebacks and win Academy Awards or like the Sundance Film Festival or something. Alas, it never happened.

There are so many classic Corey Haim scenes, but one that comes to mind is when he is singing “Aint got a Home” in the bathtub in “The Lost Boys”

I ain’t got no home
No place to roam
I ain’t got a home
No place to roam
I’m a lonely boy
I ain’t got a home

I ain’t got no sister
I ain’t got a brother
I ain’t got a father
Not even a mother
I’m a lonely boy
I ain’t got a home


Well, I got a voice
And I love to sing
I can sing like a bird
And I can sing like a frog
I’m a lonely boy
I ain’t got a home

I ain’t got a girl
I ain’t got a son
I ain’t got no kin
I ain’t got no one
I’m a lonely frog
I ain’t got a home

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