Stamped .925 but Sticks to a Magnet!

I don’t agree with the things Sterling said. He seems like just an insecure and crotchety old man. I think it’s scary that private thoughts are being used to destroy people. It’s why more and more of us are hunkering down in private groups to have frank discussions. I think it’s funny that this guy was banned from the NBA for life for his private opinions which harm no one, and yet there are full on violent criminals playing(or that have played) in the NBA. I remember when Dennis Rodman kicked an innocent photographer in the actual nuts, and the guy got taken out on a stretcher. I think Rodman got suspended for like a few games. There’s also frequent brawling and trash talking in professional sports.  Are unpleasant thoughts and phrases to be punished more severely than physical violence? Apparently they are. You can say something as nasty as you like, so long as it is not tinged with any negativity toward a designated victim group. We live in insane times.

Also…am I the only one who thinks his girlfriend(or whatever) kind of looks like a tranny? I know she’s not, but if she was that would really be the icing on the cake in this bizarre story.

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21st Century Nightmares

So I had a strange dream a couple nights ago(and no this isn’t one of those escort review posts where the guy says “I had a dream I visited Pixie last night” in order to give himself legal cover for soliciting a prostitute.) Anyway, the dream was basically that I went on some kind of bizarre crime spree, where I kidnapped an adult girl(who later became a friend,) didn’t do anything to her and basically cruised around running from the cops. Eventually, I realized I’d had enough and decided to come home, though my “home” was some kind of hotel room in the downtown area of an unrecognized city(is this Grand Theft Auto? Where’s Niko B?) When I got there I laid down to rest for a few minutes and someone from the FBI came in to question me. I had been wondering why no one was there waiting when I got there. I was expecting him to haul me off right away, but he didn’t. He said, “the more knowledgeable I become the more concerned I am.” It was then that I realized that he wasn’t interested in any of the actual crimes I had committed. He was talking about my thoughts and actual data that he had accumulated on them. At that point, I abruptly woke up…disappointed the dream was over when it was about to get very interesting.  I wish I could remember more, but that’s all I got.

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